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Little Mountain Soap and Body

Bar Soap-Moisturizing Avocado Bar

Bar Soap-Moisturizing Avocado Bar

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Immerse yourself in the tropical luxury of our pineapple and mango scented Avocado Bar soap. Crafted with the richness of avocado fruit and oil, this bar is a moisturizing haven for your skin. The creamy texture of avocado deeply moisturizes, while the vibrant notes of pineapple and mango dance on your senses, evoking an island escape. Each use leaves your skin silky smooth, supple, and imbued with the nourishing benefits of nature’s butter. Perfect for those seeking a sumptuous and moisturizing experience, our soap turns the simple act of bathing into a rejuvenating ritual, leaving your skin fragrant with the luscious aroma of a tropical paradise.

Ingredients supplied upon request. 

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